Alabama LB CJ Mosley calls Alabama fans ‘spoiled’ after some threaten kicker Cade Foster

Dr. Saturday

Alabama linebacker CJ Mosley took to Twitter Saturday night to call out Alabama fans that were threatening kicker Cade Foster following the Tide’s 34-28 loss to Auburn.

Foster missed all three of his kicks against the Tigers and because of that, coach Nick Saban brought in backup Adam Griffith for the final 56-yard field goal, which was ultimately run back by Chris Davis for the game-winning touchdown with time remaining.

Now, we’re not going to show you the cruel and asinine things fans lobbed at Foster – at one point Foster even blacked out his avatar and changed his name to “aaa” to no avail – but he was told multiple times to kill himself, several fans threatened to hurt him and several other fans called him every expletive in the book.

It’s easy to point the finger at one guy for a heartbreaking loss, but there are many people who contributed to this one, including coach Nick Saban, who made an iffy decision to kick the late 56-yard field goal in the first place. Why take the ball out of the hands of quarterback AJ McCarron, the team’s leader and a Heisman Trophy candidate? Let him take his shot, if it doesn’t work, you’re still going to overtime.

Mosley recognizes that the blame for the loss doesn’t fall squarely on Foster’s shoulders. Perhaps Alabama’s so-called fans should follow his lead.

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