Meet Amanda Marcum Enfield, supermodel wife of FGCU’s coach, before the rest of the country

Andy Enfield is a young basketball coach with sterling credentials, having worked under Mike Dunleavy, Rick Pitino and Leonard Hamilton. He's guided the once-unknown Florida Gulf Coast University to a berth in the NCAA tournament, a first-round draw against Georgetown, and ... you're not even reading this anymore, are you?

Meet Amanda Marcum Enfield, wife of Enfield and legit supermodel. You can bet she'll be all over Friday's telecast when GCSU plays, Katherine Webb-style. In addition to that Maxim cover there at right, she's been on the covers of Elle and Vogue, and in ads for Victoria's Secret and more. She and Enfield met when he gave her a ride from New York City to Boston to watch the Oklahoma State Cowboys in — synchronicity alert — the 2003 NCAA Tournament. The ride was apparently pleasant enough that the two were engaged six months later. (Sports Illustrated traces this to a fortuitous sprained ankle; you can decide for yourself if that's the case.)

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As our Eric Adelson noted earlier this week, Amanda is quite the understanding wife; you have to be when your spouse is a college basketball coach. To wit:

[Enfield] was hired (at FGCU) on March 31, 2011, a week before the birth of his only son. He admits he recruited via phone from the seat beside his wife's hospital bed, both before and after the delivery. There he was, calling up preps and their families while Amanda had her IVs changed.

"I didn't even know the nurse was in the room," Enfield says. "I'm rolling. And I didn't know anything about FGCU. Then my wife says, 'Can you please be quiet?' "

Amanda, a former swimsuit model, forgave him, and the recruits bought in.

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And here we are, in the NCAA tournament. Anyway, Amanda is as impressive in her field as Andy is in his; you can see a collection of her modeling work here. And if FGCU pulls off a miracle win over Georgetown — Nate Silver gives them a 10.3 percent chance — she'll be a marquee feature throughout the weekend. Enjoy the show, everybody.

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