Brent Musburger autographed an Iowa State fan’s Katherine Webb poster

Before the start of Monday night's game against Kansas at Hilton Coliseum, an Iowa State student approached ESPN's Brent Musburger and asked him to autograph the most clever possible item: A poster of a bikini-clad Katherine Webb.

To Matt Mummelthei's delight, the 73-year-old broadcaster not only agreed but added a personalized message of his own, signing the poster "She's a 10! Brent Musburger."

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The photo Mummelthei tweeted of him, Musburger and the poster has already generated plenty of discussion on social media and other sites. Musburger, of course, made headlines last month when he gushed over Webb's good looks during the BCS national title game, which ESPN later apologized for even though the former Miss Alabama said she was flattered by his compliments.

It's unlikely Webb will be offended this time either considering she retweeted a photo of the poster. Mummelthei was also quick to note on Twitter that Musburger " is a great man and never once said one thing to disrespect [Webb]."

Even though Mummelthei is now the proud owner of one of the more unique pieces of sports memorabilia out there, he did dream up one way to make his poster even better.

Wrote Mummelthei to Webb on Tuesday morning, "If you could follow me and then DM me, I want to have you sign this poster of Brent and I!!"

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