For 250k All-Star votes, Brian Scalabrine will get a spray tan

Forget kids; sports radio hosts say (and do) the darndest things.

According to BDL reader Matt B., a Boston sports radio show is attempting to garner up some 250,000 All-Star Game votes for Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine(notes) in exchange for the pasty white ginger getting a spray tan over the All-Star break.

Why? No idea. Maybe it's because Scal looks great with a tan. Maybe it's because they want him on season two of "Jersey Shore," brah. Maybe it's because they're bored with the C's 11-game winning streak and have nothing else to talk about. I don't know, but Scal has agreed to the deal.

Of course, as is the case with every All-Star ballot-stuffin' story, there's some controversy. Apparently, Scal's write-in votes may not be getting counted! (Does that warrant an exclamation mark? Probably not.) 98.5 hosts Toucher and Rich have had their listeners voting for some time now and many people have been reporting that their votes do not show up after they've voted. They get a confirmation without Scal's name.

But don't worry, NBA media relations are looking into the "lost orange votes." (Yeah, right.)

In the meantime, stop voting for Tracy McGrady, China, and start writing in Scalabrine's name.