I would pay good money to see cars run at a snowy Texas

Behold Texas Motor Speedway, wriggling in the clutches of Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon or whatever the hell we're calling this monstrous Midwest-to-Maine nightmare of weather.

It's an ugly scene, weather-wise, and unfortunately it means TMS has lost out on what it's called the biggest event-rental day in its history. The track was supposed to be used on Saturday for all kinds of corporate events and outings and whatnot in advance of Sunday's Super Bowl. But with two inches of ice on the track and another 3-4 inches of snow atop that, well, not even the jet dryers are going to be able to clean this one off. The company estimates its lost income in the six figures. Yeesh.

Bad news for them, but seriously — tell me you wouldn't want to see NASCAR take a run in that ice. It'd be like watching elephants dance.

[Photo courtesy a very chilly photographer from TMS.]

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