Will Leavine-Fenton Racing ever attempt a Cup race?

In this, shall we say, lull, in the economy, the announcement of a new Cup team should be cause for celebration. More competition is never a bad thing, and we could see qualifying sessions where no one goes home in the Sprint Cup Series at some point in 2011.

The latest new team announcement comes from Leavine-Fenton Racing, which is planning a limited Cup schedule in 2011 with David Starr and crew chief Wally Rogers.

But because we're in this lull, there's one critical thing missing from the team, which is owned by Randy Leavine and Lance Fenton: sponsorship.

An underfunded team in the Sprint Cup without a sponsor is essentially a start-and-park sentence. Sure, we applaud those teams that try to run the races, but there are only so many times when a true underdog gets near the podium.

Will we ever see LFR in the Cup garage? Well, without any sponsorship, the odds are already against them. And besides, it's natural to be jaded about announcements like this until they come to fruition. We're still waiting for news about America's Race Team.

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