Four-time Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon breakdances

NASCAR's Champion's Week festivities in Las Vegas have been a gold mine of hilarious moments so far, but Jeff Gordon stole the show during Thursday's "After the Lap" event.

The day after all 12 Chase drivers participated in the NASCAR version of "The Newlywed Game," they were back on stage for "After the Lap," which ended up turning into a group roast of sorts for the Chasers.

While there were many funny moments to be had — 2011 Sprint Cup champion and noted Burger King connoisseur Tony Stewart joked about having to change clothes next to runner-up and fitness freak Carl Edwards — Gordon had the best moment of them all when he showed off his breakdancing moves on stage.

Yes, seriously.

The California-raised Gordon has transformed himself from anti-NASCAR establishment young gun into one of the best drivers in the sport's history with 85 wins and four Sprint Cup titles over the course of his 20-year career.

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If a guy like Scott Speed — a former Red Bull driver who came to NASCAR from Formula 1 — breakdances, it doesn't seem out of the ordinary. But Jeff Freaking Gordon? One of the seemingly most unlikely NASCAR drivers to have any breakdancing skills? That's just awesome. It's like Tiger Woods deciding to get down after a round at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am or if Peyton Manning boogied at the Pro Bowl.

It took some prodding for Gordon, 40, to finally show off his moves, but he reluctantly did for about 10 seconds to roars and applause from fans and his fellow competitors, even prompting Denny Hamlin to laughingly tell Gordon "don't bring that [garbage] into my club." (Hamlin owns a club in the Charlotte area.)

The four-time champion admitted that he was an avid breakdancer when he was younger and that the last time that he had breakdanced (publicly) was at five-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson's wedding.

And while there were quips about Gordon's ability to get a girl soon after he got down — Gordon also once had an awesome mid-1990s mustache and a rainbow-colored firesuit — they aren't exactly based in any truth. Gordon is married and has two children with model Ingrid Vandebosch.

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