What will the UFC's 'major announcement' be?

The UFC sent out a press release yesterday, announcing that on Thursday, they will make a "major announcement." In the past, the UFC's major announcements have been decidedly anti-climactic. For example, they've announced their line of dolls, erm, action figures, and their office in Canada. Though these were important for the business side of Zuffa, the company that owns the UFC, they were not the kind of announcements that would excite fans.

The UFC has not given a clue about what the announcement is, so we asked fight fans via Facebook and Twitter: What do you think it will be? Though many readers responded a network TV deal or a merger between the UFC and WEC, some gave more creative answers:

-- Lesnar, Cain, JDS, Mir, Roy Nelson, and Undertaker in a Winner-Take-All Steel Octagon Match. Matthew Gaskill

-- Instead of fighting Carwin, Roy Nelson will challenge Kobiyashi & Joey Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest. Bill Wetzel

-- Shaquille O'Neal will step in for Shane Carwin to fight Roy Nelson at UFC 125. Geno Mrosko

-- Brock vs Undertaker, a caged roof will be lowered on top of the octagon, bats and ladders thrown in....we will find out who the #1 heavyweight is. Eric Guilfoyle

-- Lesnar cuts weight to face Jose Aldo. Miah Olson

My guess? That Dana White is quitting MMA to run for mayor of Chicago. Give us your guesses in the comment section, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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