Top ten reasons you should cheer for Miguel Torres

1. He paid his way through Purdue University using purses from his fights.
2. His mullet-hawk is the best hairdo in MMA.
3. He is a technical genius in the cage.
4. He likes to get hit in the face.
5. He charges $100 for private lessons. $100 to work out with one of the top ten pound-for-pound fighters.
6. At 135 lbs., he isn't afraid to make fun of Rampage Jackson, who weighs slightly more than that.
7. He has beaten every man he has ever faced. With only one loss on his record, he came back and beat Ryan Ackerman by submission.
8. He opened Torres Martial Arts in the area he grew up in, and sees value in using his business to change people's lives.
9. His jiu-jitsu is amazing for a reason. He learned from Carlson Gracie.
10. Yes, he's the favored fighter tonight, and everyone loves an underdog, but Torres is the exact type of guy you want as the face of bantamweight MMA.

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