Tavares too big for Gamburyan

The fighters are making the judges work tonight. Manny Gamburyan and Thiago Tavares engaged in a back and forth battle. Tavares turned in the best round of the fight in the first. He really dominated Gamburyan on the ground. Gamburyan took the second round by scoring a takedown with 3:11 left and controlled Tavares on the ground for nearly two minutes. "The Anvil" didn't do a ton of damage. The fight stayed on the feet for much of the third. Gamburyan landed a few good shots, but Tavares scored with the more significant strikes including a knee that spun Gamburyan around.

The judges gave the unanimous decision to Tavares 29-28 on all three cards. It may be time for Gamburyan to consider dropping down to 145 pounds. At 5-foot-4, he just didn't have the reach to get to Tavares and he was too small on the ground.

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