Strikeforce will have extra security on hand for Diaz-Noons

Just in case the trash talk between the Nick Diaz and K.J. Noons camps comes to fruition, Strikeforce is prepared. They're going to have extra security on hand at all of fight events this week in San Jose. From FanHouse's

"If we leave those two guys in a room alone, I think you know what's going to happen," [Strikeforce CEO Scott] Coker said. "So it's up to us – we're going to have a wall of security there. We've brought extra police to handle the weigh-ins, the press conference and pretty much a wall of people will be there for the night of the fight. We have to take precautionary measures because these guys have this big feud – and it's not just them, it's their camps. We're going to make sure that we host it properly, and part of that is adding extra security and police officers, and it'll be fine."

Granted, what Strikeforce wants is that when these two are left alone in a cage is for them to put on an exciting brawl. If they fight when left alone in some room, there's no benefit to the fans or fighters. Anyone who wants to see a good fight on Saturday should hope that these two save it for fight night, and not a camp vs. camp melee, as has happened before with Diaz and Noons.

But that's not the only reason that Strikeforce has to worry about security. The fight that broke out after Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson on CBS put a black eye on the promotion. Diaz played a huge role in that fight, too, and Strikeforce can't afford to have another melee.

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