Rogers knocks out Arlovski in 22 seconds

There is not much to say about Brett Rogers' 0:22 KO of Andrei Arlovski. Rogers moved in just seconds after the bell, unloaded a bevy of punches onto Arlovski, and the former UFC champ was down on the ground. Every one of Rogers' punches connected, rocking Arlovski's head back and forth until he succumbed.

Before the fight, Arlovski said that his strategy was to listen to the people who trained him.

"Be focused, be smart, and listen to my trainers," Arlovski said. "For this fight, I shut my mouth and did everything they told me."

But if Arlovski was trying not to be too aggressive, as he was in his loss against Fedor Emelianenko, Rogers took advantage of it, and knocked out the former champ.

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