Doerksen is the comeback man

How many lives can a UFC fighter have? Joe Doerksen is proving there's no reason to put a number on the times that a fighter can overcome adversity.

The Canadian has been cut by the UFC four times and he nearly lost a fight last month in King of the Cage. But there he was on Saturday night coming back again. Tom "The Beast" Lawlor hit Doerksen with everything but the kitchen sink in the opening round of their fight at UFC 113 but the Canadian weathered the storm. It must come from being a veteran of 45 fights.

"As the fight went on I got more and more confidence," Doerksen told (0:29 mark). "I just kept throwing more and more. And eventually he tried to take me down."

Doerksen knew at that point in the second round Lawlor was gassing or really feeling his shots.

"I knew he wanted to prove he was a standup guy. So I knew f he tried to shoot on me, he was hurt," said Doerksen. "So I stopped the takedown and I went for the choke. I said, 'hey, he's hurt right now. Now is the time.'"

It was career win No. 45 for Doerksen, who amazingly was very close to losing that King of the Cage fight against Chad Herrick back on Apr. 16. Frankly, it was impressive seeing Doerksen in the cage less than a month later. He was very beat up in the Herrick fight.

Doerksen had nothing but nice things to say about Lawlor and even complimented his "Dan Severn" look and "Apollo Creed/Living in America" entrance.

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