The adventures of Randy and Big Nog: Do they want to fight?

Randy Couture: Hey Nog, you sure you want to fight? You're looking pretty beat up.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Me? Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Randy: Well, come on! That was after that big idiot kept hitting me! Don't you remember who you lost to?

Nog: For sure. Look at that guy.

Randy: So what do we do now? We're both legends, but do we want to keep fighting? We're getting kind of old.

Nog: Speak for yourself! I'm young! I'm hip! I shop at American Eagle, and look at who I hang out with!

Randy: Pfft. That doesn't make you young. Look at who I hang out with. Seriously. We need to figure out what we want to do. My bucket list is pretty much crossed off -- Olympics, Army, UFC championship and hall-of-fame. I have always wanted to do a safari in Africa, but I think Kim would get angry if I went with you.

Randy: And you wouldn't like Kim when she's angry.

Nog: Well, I've jumped off a garbage truck and lived, and spent a night in a bar with Stankie, so I'm pretty much through with the whole life-threatening experiences thing. So, I guess we fight each other?

Randy: I guess so. You know who is going to be really happy about this?

All photos from Combat Lifestyle

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