Unknown Florida guard Christian Terrell throws down dunk of the year

Unknown Florida guard Christian Terrell throws down dunk of the year

Forget about it. Seriously, just forget about it. You're not going to top this dunk.

What you see directly above is clearly, without doubt, the poster jam of the year. What makes it all the more impressive was that it was turned in by a completely unheralded shooting guard from Florida, who completely obliterated an unidentified, taller defender who dare try to get between young Christian Terrell and the rim.

Move over LeBron, Christian Terrell is coming through. Terrell completely flattened his defender, knocking him straight to the ground on his rear end. Astounding.

With that kind of explosive power, one would assume Terrell would be receiving plenty of attention from the top college basketball programs from across the country, right? Not quite. As it turns out, not only is Terrell unranked on all of's national, regional, state and positional lists, he doesn't even register loudly enough on the radar to have a profile.

Of course, that was before Terrell threw down the dunk of the year while playing in a summer league scrimmage with his Jacksonville (Fla.) Providence High teammates.

Still, while the 180-pounder doesn't count as one of the nation's more highly regarded recruits, he's still getting plenty of attention. In fact, one of the school's high on his list is a program which exploded into the national awareness as quickly as Terrell has with his monster slam.

Yes, Terrell is being recruited by Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), the one and only Dunk City.
A 6-foot-2 white guy who jumps out of the gym and runs the floor with speed and aggression? Let's just sign him up for Dunk City now, huh?

No matter where Terrell heads to, he'll arrive with a much more notable backstory than he had before Summer 2013.

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