Top recruit’s mother upstages his commitment on national TV

It's not everyday that one of the nation's top prospects gets overshadowed at a nationally televised sporting event by his own mother, yet that's precisely what unfolded on Thursday night, live on ESPN, as you can see from their broadcast below.

In fact, as more top national prospects have seen video of the player's pick, they've even for his embarrassing situation.

"That is embarrassing for him," Ty Darligton of Apopka (Fla.) High told national analyst Dallas Jackson from the U.S. Army All-America Game in San Antonio. "How do you not work that out with them beforehand? I think that's on both of them at that point."

As players are wont to do, Geismar (La.) Dutchtown High safety Landon Collins, one of the nation's top defensive back prospects, made his commitment on live TV during the annual Under Armour High School Football All America Game. Collins, who is the number 15 overall recruit in the nation according to, chose to attend Alabama over in-state Louisiana State.

That's when things got weird. Rather than offer excited words of support, Collins' mother dropped a "Geaux Tigers" chant and other pseudo attacks against her own son, all of which followed on some initial eye rolls which could have been taken straight off a mid-90s Jerry Springer set. The entire scenario was surreal.

Officially, this is what Collins' as yet publicly unidentified mother said about her son's decision:

"I feel like LSU is a better place for him to be. LSU Tigers, number one. Go Tigers."

Ouch. As noted by Kegs 'N Eggs blogger Adam Kramer, it's almost impossible to imagine just how awkward things might get on the Collins homefront as soon as soon as everyone is back from what was supposed to be a joyous celebration, and pseudo coronation, of Collins' supreme football talent.

Then again, Collins' commitment is only a verbal one … for now. Anyone else think that Mama Collins might still have some lobbying to do before national signing day?

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