Nebraska behind-the-backboard buzzer-beater is early leader for bucket of the year

Hadley Sejkora is an integral part of the Pawnee City (Neb.) High basketball team's offensive plans. One of the squad's leading scorers, the senior was always a likely recipient of the ball when Pawnee had just enough time to get off a final shot in Friday's game against Adams (Neb.) Freeman High.

Still, don't use that logic as a way of trying to ease the pain felt by the Freeman squad following it's 39-37 loss, because the Falcons couldn't have possibly defended Sejkora any better than they did. The problem was that their tight defense still wasn't enough to keep Sejkora from hitting one of the best clutch shots you'll see all year.

As you can see above, Sejkora drilled a behind-the-backboard game-winner within the final 3.8 seconds, giving the 6-foot-1 guard 19 points and the Indians a two-point victory with what can only be described as a miraculous bucket. Sejkora actually released his shot one handed, falling out of bounds toward the gym wall behind the backboard.

When the ball slipped through the net, the Pawnee City crowd went as crazy as one would expect them to, with Sejkora's coach, Tyler Colvin, exploding into a fist-pumping, Tim Tebow-like celebratory sprint up the sideline.

Meanwhile, Freeman's defenders were left completely stunned and crest fallen. Two Falcons looked at the scoreboard as if to question whether the final two points would ever register (or perhaps in a vain hope that there might still be a fraction of a second remaining). Two also placed their hands on their head in what looked like exhausted frustration.

You couldn't blame those defenders if they were frustrated, confused or just upset, either. After all, it's unlikely that any of them had seen such an unlikely, H-O-R-S-E-like shot hit in a game before, just as it's unlikely they'll see one like that hit again.

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