When gobblers attack: The revenge of Turkey Tom!

Wild turkeys aren't the same as the domesticated Butterball® variety we all put on Thanksgiving dinner tables. They're smarter, more agressive, and much, much more fleet of foot. If there was ever any question of that last part, consider this video proof.

Soccer Goalie Gets Chased By Turkey @ Yahoo! Video

Not only did this wild turkey decide to chase a poor, defenseless Philadelphia-area soccer goalie for Tulpehocken Junior High, he decided to chase him around the field, then around the perimeter of the entire soccer complex. There were more than one occasion when we feared that goalie was caught. After all, they're the players who don't run all around the field.

Regardless, he got away, perhaps thanks in part to the turkey's distracted run at some of the goalie's teammates. In fact, it does make one wonder: If the turkey was so much smarter, shouldn't he (or she ... we have no idea how to tell a male and female turkey apart) have negotiated for one of the Schuylkill Junior High jerseys?

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