Video: Martin Kaymer skips one off the water for a hole-in-one in Masters practice round

We live in a world where technology makes it almost impossible for a moment to go by without being captured on video or in a photograph. But for about 10 hours or so on Monday afternoon, one of the most incredible shots in Masters history was nothing more than a story, retold by journalists and fans that actually witnessed the shot happen in person.

The shot in question? That would be Martin Kaymer following a Masters practice round tradition by attempting to skip his ball off the water fronting the par-3 16th and get it reasonably close to the hole.

But instead of just getting it close on Monday, Kaymer holed the darn thing, watching it trickle into the hole for an incredible hole-in-one. But there was just one problem: Nobody caught the shot on video.

Until now. Thanks to former Devil Ball colleague Shane Bacon, he managed to come up with some video footage over at CBS's Eye on Golf (be sure and check out their fantastic work this week), we now have video proof that the shot actually happened.

The best part is that it's as good as advertised. Kaymer isn't the first to hole-out on the 16th with a skip-shot (Vijay Singh did it back in 2009), but it's still pretty incredible to watch a guy skip one off the water and watch it disappear into the hole.

Is this a sign Kaymer's in for a big week? Who the heck knows. But even if he doesn't make the cut, he still has this shot to remember for the rest of his life.

Update: We received some video on Tuesday evening from a guy who was actually on the hole when Kaymer holed the skip-shot, and the footage is even better than the original we had up on Monday evening. Big thanks to Jeremiah Clark for getting in touch with us.

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