Tommy Gainey gives The Big Break credit for success

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- Professional golfers credit a ton of different stuff for their success, some normal and some peculiar. This week alone, Mark Wilson says his Green Bay Packers headcover has been his good luck charm. One thing you don't hear being the reason for serious success in golf? A reality show, but that's what Tommy Gainey says helped him learn how to handle the pressure of golf on a big stage.

After Gainey's second round 65, that gave him the lead at the Waste Management for the second straight day, the man infamously known for his two gloved approach to golf said it was The Golf Channel's reality show that was extremely helpful.

"You talk about "The Big Break," this is something I think a lot of people don't see. "The Big Break" you have to hit some golf shots. They might be funky golf shots, but you still have to hit them. You can hit a good golf shot and be off the show. Bad shot, mediocre shot, you get kicked off the show.

"So I think it helped me get comfortable with the camera, as well. You know, I don't really -- the camera doesn't bother me like it did when I was on "Big Break IV" because that was my first opportunity to get that camera on me, and let me tell you something, I was nervous. Shaking in my shoes, let me tell you. But now I'm just used to it," Gainey said.

The nerves seem to be in a good spot. Gainey, who has never won a PGA Tour event, continues to play solid on a crazy Sunday, and through 45 holes, has made only one bogey all week.

It makes sense too, if you think about it. "The Big Break," while quirky at times, is still golf against some really good players. I've teed it up against some of the guys that were a part of this show in the past, and most are sticks who can go low but just haven't broke out yet.

No matter what type of competition it is, if you're golfing against a solid player, it's going to make you better. Gainey just gained his confidence from a stranger outlet than most.

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