Tiger Woods tribute songs hit you like a 9-iron to the ear

This, my friends, is the end of the Tiger Woods road. No, the story's not done yet, and I'm not saying we won't be writing any more about him. You don't get off that easily. No, what I've found are some of the most horrifyingly jarring Tiger Woods tribute songs you can ever imagine. I've had to sit through them, and now you do, too. Trust me, folks, it can't get any worse than this. I hope.

First off, Pat Hilton brings us an instant classic, "Head of My Driver." Something familar about that tune ...

(Blame Patrick Imig of Joe Sports Fan for this one. He's the one who sent it to me.) More below ...

Next up, "Major Fun" gives us some kind of sea-chantey-esque singalong, with a touch of NSFW language:

And here's "Tiger By The Tail," which sounds like an old '60s folk tribute. Again, possible NSFW warning:

On the other side of the fence, we've got Maino's "Get 'em Tiger," which takes a bit more pro-Eldrick view. And, yep, a touch of the NSFW:

And here's a shot at the ladies who chased Mr. Woods, entitled "Tiger Girls." Be sure to hang out for the '80s-esque hook:

And we continue with a riff on James Blunt's "You're Beautiful," entitled "I'm Tiger Woods":

And we close -- because I can't take any more of this -- with "The Ballad of Tiger Woods," which sounds like mid-90s Cake. Um ... enjoy?

That's all I could handle, and if you've gotten this far, bravo. Seen any more Tiger songs? Send 'em to me at jay.busbee@yahoo.com and I'll compile a sequel post if you're nice. If you're a jerk, I'll compile two.