This Tiger Woods interview from 1994 is just fantastic

I have absolutely no idea how long this YouTube video has been circulating around showing Tiger Woods in an interview all the way back in 1994, but I'm glad I finally got to see it.

That is Tiger, in what appears to be the beginning of his incredible outfits off the golf course, talking to Paul Higgins about his high school days, his success at the USGA events and what he plans for the future.

The line of the interview? Tiger was asked about expectations and after giving a pretty elaborate answer for an 18-year-old he ended with, "I really don't give a darn what they think," which is pretty spot-on considering what we know about Woods in 2013.

The interview always reminds us just how long Tiger has been in the spotlight as "the next big thing" in the game of golf, and how even when he was a teenager he had this ability to control interviews and the room without ever really revealing anything.

If you wanted a little more from young Tiger, check out this interview from Woods that was conducted by Trans World Sport.

Also, that jacket? That jacket is niiiice.

h/t Local Knowledge

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