Cheyenne Woods, Tiger’s niece, wins at ACC championships

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There's something familiar about that golfer there at right. Something in the face, the pose, the swing ... nope, can't quite place it.

Kidding, of course; that sterling golfer there is Cheyenne Woods, niece of one Tiger Woods. And while she shares a game and some genes with Woods, she's just done something he hasn't in quite some time: win, and win big.

Woods, a 20-year-old Wake Forest student, won the ACC Women's Golf Championship on Sunday with a closing round of 3-under 68. She played a bogey-free round, and won by ... well, let's let her proud uncle tell the story:

"My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots! That's awesome, I'm so proud of her," Tiger Woods tweeted shortly afterward.

Cheyenne Woods is the daughter of Earl Woods Jr., Tiger's half-brother who remains estranged from Tiger Woods. Cheyenne is currently an amateur, but you have to bet that the LPGA is dancing in the streets at the prospect of getting a Woods of its own, for more than just the occasional tournament, in a few years.

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