Celtics coach Doc Rivers admits he was late because he watched Tiger Woods’ win

Admit it, you've been in Doc Rivers' situation before. You're tight on time to an important function, but the (fill in the blank) game is at a critical juncture, and after investing a couple hours of your time, you feel obligated to see the final outcome.

You could miss out on history if you leave! So you sit on your couch and continue to watch, because who really cares if you're a couple minutes late. That's how the Celtics coach tried to justify things on Sunday night, after he admitted he was late getting to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals because he was doing what a lot of sports fans were doing that afternoon: Watching Tiger Woods stage another improbable comeback at the Memorial.

"It was unbelievable," Rivers said before the start of Game 4.

"Oh, yeah, I was watching. I was trying to leave my house to get here, and it delayed me for a couple of minutes, but that's fine. That's really cool."

In the end, being late didn't matter, as the Celtics tied the series up 2-2 with a 93-91 win over the Heat. And Rivers, an avid golfer, got a chance to see Woods win. That's what you call a perfect day, friends.

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