Nine on nine: 'Illegal crackback block, No. 4, offense'

If you're the sort of fantasy owner who can't sleep between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am CDT on Fridays because you're dealing with start/sit decisions, then we have a special offer for you. Evans and I are launching The Fantasy Freak Show on WSCR 670 in Chicago, beginning this week. Listen online or listen via the traditional method…but please listen. And call. We're going to push this thing all week until you agree to participate. Now let's hit the headlines…

We'll begin by stating the obvious: Brett Favre(notes) looked pretty good against Houston. He moved well, he made degree-of-difficulty completions – two of them to Visanthe Shiancoe(notes) – and he put a beautifully thrown ball right on Percy Harvin's(notes) fingertips in the end zone, but the rookie couldn't hold on. Highlights here via If you're a Favre and/or Vikings loyalist, this would be the appropriate time to hammer those of us who've excessively criticized the Gunslinging Li'l Kid Out There™.

Favre is going to collect a few TD passes this year in situations where his playmakers handle the heavy lifting, as with the screen to Chester Taylor(notes) on Monday night. But he can also clearly make a few things happen himself.

Like, for instance, he can injure a defensive back's knee in a preseason game with an illegal block. As Tirico said, that's not cool. But for all of his other faults – indecision, self-obsession, Bear-beating – Favre is not a particularly cheap player. He just needs to get off the field when the Vikings go Wildcat. That formation is going to eventually wreck an NFL quarterback. The risk/reward calculation can't be favorable. Favre could have easily concussed himself by going low, Trent Green-style.

Here's news that might be too little/too late, but it's still useful: "Right-handed reliever Luis Ayala was designated for assignment, outfielder Cameron Maybin was called up from Triple A New Orleans, and the Marlins announced that three more players would be added to the roster on Tuesday: catcher Brett Hayes and pitchers Burke Badenhop and Rick Vanden Hurk." Maybin is obviously the interesting add there. The 22-year-old outfielder has hit .319/.399/.463 for Triple-A New Orleans and he's stolen eight bases. [Miami Herald]

OK, this is sorta disgusting: "NFL sources said that while Kyle Orton’s(notes) injured finger was not fractured, the Broncos quarterback suffered an open dislocation (meaning it penetrated the skin) of the right knuckle." Orton has not yet been ruled out of the Broncos' opener, but he's heavily stitched. [Denver Post]

Jose Contreras has been dealt to the Rockies. Is it possible for that to end well? You'll recall that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen recently declared that he couldn't start Contreras again because "I want to see my grandkids when they are born. I don't want to get a heart attack before my time." [Chicago Sun-Times]

Over at MDC, Geoff Stein reviews the most flagrant draft fouls. I'm in total agreement, especially with the second item on Geoff's list. If you quote the TJ Houshmandzadeh(notes) commercial, you should lose nine picks. [Mock Draft Central]

Eriq Gardner makes the argument, based on production relative to the average owned catcher, that Joe Mauer should be selected at the top of your draft in 2010 – perhaps even first overall. "Mauer may be the most valuable player in baseball this year, and so it raises the forthcoming question – why wouldn't you take this player entering his Age 27 season with one of the first few picks?" [The Hardball Times]

Hakeem Nicks'(notes) two-touchdown, 144-yard performance over the weekend "earned the rookie 'prime consideration' for a move up the depth chart." His first TD grab (video here) was really of the highest quality. The coverage was just fine; Nicks was better. [New York Daily News]

Dave Cameron, per his usual, nails the Milton Bradley situation over at FanGraphs. Here's a sample: "Bradley could cuss out every fan in Wrigley and still not match Soriano for disastrous results this year." And just so you know, Soriano will be making $18 million in 2014, in his age-38 season. [FanGraphs]

Edgerrin James(notes) might make a preseason appearance for Seattle on Thursday "if he feels comfortable with the team’s offensive scheme." Walter Jones(notes) continues to sit, which is bad news for all Seahawks. [The Tacoma News Tribune]


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