Fantasy Complaint Dept.: If you lost on Monday’s final play…well, wow

If you've played fantasy long enough, you've experienced a few painful losses. I'm talking fraction-of-a-point losses, Mike-Thomas-catches-a-Hail-Mary losses, Brian-[expletive]-Westbrook-takes-a-knee losses.

And at some point, we've each been gutted on Monday night — maybe in the final quarter, or the final play. It happens.

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But if you lost a fantasy match-up in Week 3 as a result of the appallingly bad call that ended an otherwise excellent Green Bay-Seattle game, then ... um ... whoa. That's the worst. You were robbed. The Packers were robbed. The TV audience was robbed. There was just a lot of robbery going on. You've got an all-time bad-beat story.

There's not much we can say here to make you feel less awful on Tuesday, nor to un-do what's been done. The fact is, you took a loss because of the weapons-grade ineptitude of a group of replacement officials. That's brutal.

(By the way, let's all please stop referring to Monday night's final play as controversial, because that term suggests the existence of opposing viewpoints. Is anyone gonna argue that the Seahawks legitimately won that game, or that Golden Tate legitimately possessed the football? C'mon. Of course not. "Simultaneous possession" requires both possession and simultaneity, both of which were lacking).

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Here's a sampling of tweets from fantasy owners who were either helped or hosed by Monday's outcome...

And there are many others. I'd include them all here, but the cutting-and-pasting is kind of a pain.

Anyway, the point is this: Monday's ridiculous finish impacted a ton of match-ups, in many leagues. People are going to miss the fake playoffs because of that nonsense.

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If you were among those who lost in Week 3, please consider this post to be your Complaint Dept. Take a few minutes to vent before you hit the Week 4 waiver wire. Maybe you'll feel better, if only slightly.

If instead you were among the very small percentage of Yahoo! fantasy owners who started Russell Wilson in Week 3 ... well, you can just go away. Shoo. No one's interested in hearing from you today. Just take your win and shut up.

You're just damn lucky that Braylon Edwards wasn't the receiver involved in the play, because Braylon totally would have dropped MD Jennings.

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