Will Muschamp would like to tell you about overcoming “ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!” (VIDEO)

Halftime interviews with a coach coming off the field serve two purposes, as far as we can figure. About 97 percent of the time they're to annoy coaches who are impatient to get in the locker room, and they provide no relevant information to the audience. Then there's the other three percent, when a coach is so raving mad that he forgets he is live and loses it a bit (right, John L.?)

Grabbing Florida coach Will Muschamp right after he has been yelling at the officials was almost certain to land in that small percent of memorable halftime interviews. And it did.

Muschamp was coming off the field at halftime on Saturday and was met by the Florida radio sideline announcer, Brady Ackerman of the Gator Radio Network. Television viewers could see Muschamp yelling something to him, and of course someone (cfbsection, to be specific) synched up the audio with that video and posted it to YouTube.

Here's what Muschamp said, thanks to the Orlando Sentinel:

Reporter: Coach, great job with turnovers, and, obviously, special teams.
Muschamp: Well, we just gotta continue to capitalize on what we're doing, and OVERCOME THE ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!
Reporter: All right, Coach, good luck in the second half. Back up to you guys.

The full audio of the interview is available from, and that can be found via the Kegs 'N Eggs blog through this link. Also notice the wonderful growl after Muschamp's soon to be catchphrase "THE ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!" as he refers to the officials.

Muschamp's emotional theatrics on the sideline are nothing new, and the intensity should only ramp up as the Gators chase a SEC Championship. Keep the cameras rolling.

H/T to Only Gators

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