Mario Balotelli lists the things he didn’t like about England, refuses to speak to The Sun

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mario Balotelli held his first press conference as a Milan played on Friday and near the end, he let off some steam on the English journalists who made the trip. In August 2011, Balotelli told Sky Italia that he didn't like the city of Manchester before eventually admitting that it wasn't as bad as he first thought a few months later. But now that he's back in Italy, Mario is making it clear that he really didn't like England all that much (though he loved the Premier League and the fans) and he has specific reasons why.

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When asked, "What are the bad things that have left a bad impression [of England]?" Mario responded decisively and with deadly seriousness.

"The press first. The weather. The food. The way you drive. That's it."

A journalist from The Sun -- one of the leading sources of fake Balotelli stories -- then tried to ask a question and when he identified himself, Balotelli cut him off and proved why the top reason he didn't like England was the top reason he didn't like England.

"Listen, your newspaper from when I get to England always talk bad about me. So I don't want to speak with your newspaper. Sorry."

There was then a smattering of applause.

Here's video of the full press conference (Mario's talk of England begins around the 34:30 mark)...

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