Coach, father says Mayweather was distracted in first Maidana fight

Floyd Mayweather Sr. (left) says his son Floyd Jr. (right) had mental distractions before the first Maidana fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the coach and father of boxing's pound-for-pound champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., began on defensive footing this week during Mayweather's media day in Las Vegas. "Money" Mayweather was tested more than he had been in over a decade last May in decision win over Marcos Maidana.

On Sep. 13, the two will rematch. Floyd Sr. tried to dismiss the first fight, early on.

“Floyd beat Maidana in the first fight and there’s really nothing else to say," the coach said.

“Maidana is going to get his butt whooped again, just in a more fashionable way this time around."

The former professional boxer and now trainer to the stars did admit that he has had his son make adjustments in camp, this time around. “I am going to have Floyd do a lot of things differently in this fight than he did during the first fight," he conceeded.

More interesting, however, was the elder Mayweather's half-revelation that something psychological may have affected his son in the first Maidana fight. “I am going to tell you something," he began.

"Something was on Floyd’s mind that day and the Lord is my witness. He finally came around and told us all what it was about. Floyd is going to give Maidana a boxing clinic this time around.’’

Of course, Mayweather Sr. didn't say what could have been weighing on Jr,'s mind that made him fight less effectively last May. Mayweather Jr. hasn't said anything on the subject, either.

The fighter will doubtless have other extra-curricular concerns on his mind this time around as well, however, after a civil suit was filed against him by a former fiancee that alleges assault and false imprisonment, among other abuses. If Mayweather was affected by concerns outside the ring last time out, he'll have his work cut out for him again this time against Maidana.

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