Bilaxy Exchange Reports Hot Wallet Hacked, Amount Lost Still Unknown

BeInCrypto –

Leading cryptocurrency trading platform Bilaxy, has reported a hack on its hot wallet, advising users not to deposit any funds until further notice.

The team at Bilaxy trading platform has released an urgent statement on Twitter, informing users that Bilaxy Hot Wallet has been hacked, and has advised users not to deposit any funds to their Bilaxy accounts until further notice. They have also said that they are in the process of fixing the hack. This is confirmed, where, upon logging onto the Bilaxy website, one is met with the information that the site is under maintenance, and that such maintenance will take two hours, although it is unclear when this notice was posted, and eight hours have elapsed since the Tweet was sent.

No further information has been provided, as to the extent of the damage done by the hack.

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