Betting: Can we trust Aaron Rodgers this season?

Minty Bets breaks down whether you should put your money on the Packers going forward after their week 1 loss to the Saints.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome to "The Mint," everyone, a sports-betting show where we're not trying to make you money. We're just trying to make sure you don't lose it all. I'm Minty Bets, and today we need to talk about if we can trust Aaron Rodgers after that embarrassing loss to the Saints.

There were high hopes for Rodgers in what could possibly be his final year in Green Bay. Needless to say, a lot of people thought they would cover against Jameis Winston and the Saints. Spoiler alert-- that didn't happen.

Some of the decisions Aaron Rodgers made, including maybe the worst pass of his career, have me second guessing if the Packers are the same team as they were in the past. Yes, Aaron wanted to be traded, and yeah, I know he wanted to host "Jeopardy!" But on Sunday, Packers bettors seemed to be stuck in the middle of a dark game of "Family Feud"--


--which makes me hesitant to bet on the Packers again this season, except maybe against the Lions as 10 and 1/2 point favorites this week. It is worth noting that Aaron Rodgers is 33 and 15 against the spread following a loss in his career, but that was the old Aaron Rodgers. We're currently dealing with the angry Aaron Rodgers.

Do the Packers have some issues they need to work out? Yes. Should they blow out the Lions in Monday Night Football? Absolutely. Do you need to be financially involved with this team right now? Absolutely not.

Lately, Aaron Rodgers has hosted more episodes of "Jeopardy!" than he's thrown touchdown passes. Until that changes, save your money. There are so many other teams to bet on.

I'm Minty Bets, and this has been "The Mint."