Betting: MLB Stock Up/Stock Down - May 23

Minty Bets and Ariel Epstein break down which MLB teams are trending up and which are trending down this week.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for our weekly MLB stock up, stock down segment. I'm Minty Bets, and joining me as always is Ariel Epstein. We're here to tell you the teams that we are riding and fading for the time being. So, Ariel, who are you stocking up on?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Minty, I am stocking up on the San Diego Slam Diego Padres. I love this team. Pitching, defense, it all wins you championships. This Padres pitching staff is on fire. Even though one of their pitchers, Mike Clevinger, just went back on the IL after only a couple of starts, starting the year on the IL, it doesn't matter because the Padres have a six-man rotation essentially going.

In fact, a potential Rookie of the Year candidate in their starter MacKenzie Gore came out of the bullpen for one of the games because the Padres wanted to keep him somehow up in the majors. He has moved the most, MacKenzie Gore, of any of the National League rookies when it came to the odds. I also love the fact that the Padres have a top-10 team ERA.

San Diego hasn't even gotten one of their best players this year in their shortstop Fernando Tatís Jr. He fractured his left wrist over the offseason on a motorcycle, had some shoulder issues last year where his shoulder was basically falling out of his arm socket, and he still ended up hitting bombs. If Tatís comes back, in addition to keeping Clevinger healthy, this Padres pitching rotation, in addition to their lineup, is going to be really tough. And they're still only a half game behind the Dodgers for the National League West, Minty.

MINTY BETS: Love it. Let's go, Slam Diego. I am stocking up on the Colorado Rockies. Now they've been in the red for most of the month of May, but they have an easier schedule coming up. They face the Pittsburgh Pirates, who aren't very good, the Washington Nationals, who they have a pretty good past with, and then they end things at home against the Marlins. Now Colorado is first in the league in batting average and fourth in OPS, so I like things to look up for them. Now, Ariel, who are you stocking down on?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Minty, I'm stocking down on the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are leading the American League Central right now. However, the Chicago White Sox have to heat up eventually. The White Sox were the leaders and they were the favorites to win this division. They still are the favorites, the White Sox, to win the division. The book is not giving up on them yet.

Neither am I on the White Sox, which is why I have to stock down on the Twins. The White Sox, eventually their bats are going to heat up. They have a bottom-10 OPS currently. They have a great starting rotation with pitchers like Lucas Giolito. The White Sox lead-off man in Tim Anderson is hitting above .300. I really like the White Sox to win the American League Central.

That's why at some point, I see the roles reversing with the Minnesota Twins. Their pitching rotation has a top-five ERA right now. Don't get me wrong, they look really good. The good teams rise to the top at the end of the Major League Baseball season. I see that being the Chicago White Sox more than I see it being the Minnesota Twins. I'm stocking down on the Twins.

MINTY BETS: OK, and I am stocking down on the Washington Nationals. Now they have a tough schedule ahead of them, facing the Dodgers, the Rockies that I mentioned earlier, and then the number one in the NL East, the Mets. Washington is currently dead last in their division. Now Washington has lost by 2 or more runs in 11 of 12 losses this month. So I'm fading the Washington Nationals. Big fade for me for the end of the month.

To recap our stock up, stock down picks, we're stocking up on the Padres and Rockies and stocking down on the Twins and Nationals. Bet $10 and win $200 in free bets by signing up at New customers only. Must be 21 and older. Terms apply.