Bengals’ Zac Taylor addresses the Trey Hendrickson trade request

As expected, the Cincinnati Bengals hit on the subject of Trey Hendrickson’s trade request during interviews after the 2024 NFL draft.

And the responses very much hit the expected notes.

Head coach Zac Taylor sounded quite a bit like the guy talking about Tee Higgins trade requests while addressing the situation with his star defender.

Here’s Taylor’s reply, courtesy of Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic: “You let Trey voice his concerns. I’m listening. I’ve got an open ear to him. I love Trey. I’ve told Trey that. We want Trey to play here next year for us. He’s gonna play here next year for us. He’s gonna have success, and we’re gonna have success and I’m excited for that.”

Hendrickson’s trade request arrived the day before the draft in relation to his desire for a longer-term extension. It eventually looped in the threat of Hendrickson’s reps suggesting the defensive end was “considering retirement” while keeping all options open.

Taylor’s response is expected and hints at where things are going. Hendrickson could sit out this summer, but the team holds most of the leverage after both parties agreed on a one-year extension just last summer.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire