Bengals fans will like what Chad Johnson has to say about Tee Higgins’ contract

Cincinnati Bengals great Chad Johnson, for one, isn’t sweating the team’s contract standoff with Tee Higgins.

Higgins, currently franchised-tagged at $21.8 million and having submitted a trade request, was the subject of a recent encounter TMZ had with Johnson.

And the summary hits positive notes:

Johnson, though, thinks the two will iron everything out at some point in the near future … telling us at LAX this week, “I think we’re going to work it out. We’ll figure it out.”

Johnson added he and Higgins have actually spoken “a few times” about it all … and neither guy seems to be sweating things too much.

Bengals fans would be right to remain skeptical, of course. The Higgins situation mirrors the Jessie Bates saga and even features the same agent in the background.

That said, Johnson would probably know better than most about the temperature of things. The Bengals have made it clear they won’t trade Higgins. The latest rumored update wasn’t as positive on the contract front, but things are fully in wait-and-see mode on whether Higgins partakes in summer work and the two sides sit down again.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire