Bears are on a slide and they're melting down over criticism

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Here’s what ails the Chicago Bears: Their offense is awful, the quarterback has lost all confidence, there’s no running game at all and the head coach has no answers.

Here’s what isn’t causing the Bears’ issues: Fair criticism on Twitter, jokes about Tarik Cohen’s height and negative coverage from the media.

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You’d think the Bears would be focused on the parts that matter after an ugly loss to the New Orleans Saints dropped them to 3-3. And you’d be wrong.

Matt Nagy worried about the media

Let’s start with Matt Nagy, who seemed to think after Sunday’s game that the Bears would run for more than 17 yards and Mitchell Trubisky would make more accurate throws if the media would be more positive.

That’s a really bad look. The Bears looked awful on offense. They’re the only team in the NFL to not crack 300 yards of offense in a game yet this season. Is the media supposed to talk about how nice their jerseys look?

Here’s the full quote from Nagy, via Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times:

‘‘As Negative Nelly as this will be at 3-3 for us right now, I get it. I’m the one that’s gonna have to answer to y’all all the time about the negativity of what’s going on. Got it.

‘‘But we need to stay together. We’re not gonna let anybody around here pull us apart, I promise you that. We will come together with answers. And with every week that goes by, we do need to know that time is of the essence. But being 3-3, here’s what I’ll tell them. You ready? I’ll say: ‘Horse blinders and earmuffs.’ Don’t listen to anything outside because, right now, it’s not gonna be good, you know?

‘‘What happens is people from the outside pull you down, and the last thing that anybody’s gonna do — whether it’s you guys or anybody else outside — is you’re not pulling us down. We’re gonna be positive and we’re gonna fight through it because that’s what winning teams do and that’s what positive people do.’’

Defensive end Khalil Mack didn’t have to worry about the media’s negativity. For the third time after three losses, Mack skipped out before answering questions.

Mack is the face of the franchise and has a $141 million contract. Again, not the best look.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy wasn't happy after his team lost to the Saints. (Getty Images)
Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy wasn't happy after his team lost to the Saints. (Getty Images)

Bears players find negative tweets

Then you have Bears players with rabbit ears on Twitter. First, Allen Robinson, who was called out by Camron Smith of MSG Networks and Stadium for talking trash after a late, meaningless touchdown.

Robinson continued the beef for a few tweets. And Cohen found a tweet about the Saints making fun of him being short during Sunday’s game and replied to that.

So after an abysmal performance, the Bears are worried about the negative media and (kind of) mean tweets.

The Bears had a magical season in 2018, winning the NFC North when nobody predicted it. That was a great ride. They’re facing some adversity this season, and it seems like they weren’t ready to handle it.

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