Bat Smashes Into Cardinal Catcher's Arm And Fractures It In Wince-Inducing Video

J.D. Martinez’s swing of the bat for the New York Mets broke St. Louis Cardinals catcher Willson Contreras’ forearm on Tuesday.

“This is the most pain I’ve been through for sure,” Contreras said in an interview afterward.

To add insult to injury, Contreras was called for catcher’s interference on the play, allowing designated hitter Martinez to take first base, the New York Post reported.

Contreras was scheduled to undergo surgery Wednesday, Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol said.

Contreras confirmed he had a forearm fracture and estimated his recovery would take up to eight weeks. He said he hoped to return by the All-Star break in mid-July, The Athletic reported.

The video, which might be disturbing for some, shows Martinez’s swing hammering Contreras’ lower arm in the second inning.

The three-time All-Star yelled and writhed in pain before a staffer treated him as he plopped down on the field. He did not return to the game, which was eventually won by the Mets, 7-5.

“I knew right away it was a bad situation,” Contreras said.

Marmol was asked about the trend of catchers shifting closer to home plate to frame pitches in the hopes of swaying the umpires, the Post reported.

“The risk is high,” Marmol said. “We just experienced it.”

Martinez, for his part, said he “felt terrible.”

“You’re expecting to hit a ball and you hit an arm,” he said, per Newsday’s Tim Healey. “And you’re like, what was that? I hit meat. I felt I hit meat. I didn’t hit just a glove where you point back at the catcher. It was solid. Dude, I hit him good. When I got to first, I felt terrible.”