What ‘bag' is the right ‘bag' for the Patriots to trade down?

What ‘bag' is the right ‘bag' for the Patriots to trade down? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The debate over what the New England Patriots should do with the No. 3 overall pick is heating up a month away from the 2024 NFL Draft. Should they take one of the top quarterbacks or trade down for a haul of assets that can help them expedite their rebuild?

New head coach Jerod Mayo told reporters earlier this week the Patriots would consider trading the No. 3 pick if someone "offers a bag." In other words, "a lot of first-round picks."

Is there a realistic deal out there that would constitute a "bag"? Should New England pass on the chance to add LSU's Jayden Daniels or UNC's Drake Maye if a team offers a handful of first-rounders?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry debated the topic on the latest episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"When Jerod Mayo says that we will consider 'a bag,' to me, for the Patriots, you have to get Minnesota's first-round pick next year to constitute a 'bag.' That almost predicates the entire move," Curran said. "What are you getting in 2025? If you get 11 and 23 from Minnesota and next year's first-round pick to couple with your own for next year, you can do an amazing number of things."

Perry is far more reluctant to trade away the No. 3 selection even if teams are willing to pay up.

"It starts with 11, 23, and a future first. That's where I start to consider it. Honestly, I'd prefer more because I like these quarterbacks enough to take them at 3," Perry said. "To me, the odds on you hitting on all of those picks and making it all work out, and trading up and finding that quarterback that you love, I just don't know what next year looks like. I'm not confident in next year's quarterbacks class. ...

"I'm looking at Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels now and I'm saying, these guys have the potential to be franchise-changers. And boy, I'm not sure I'd do that in terms of giving that up for four first-round picks. I really don't, because I think that position is that valuable. The pie-in-the-sky idea is that you're going to hit on all four of those picks and the reality of it is you might hit on two."

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