Arizona Coyotes' potential NHL relocation to Salt Lake City has Utah residents 'stoked'

We've published a lot of reactions from Arizona Coyotes fans about the reports of the NHL team relocating to Utah and those fans, to put it lightly, have been livid.

But how do hockey fans in Utah feel about the NHL franchise's potential move to Salt Lake City?

We scoured some recent reaction stories from Utah publications, as well as social media, to get an idea about how fans in that state feel about the possible arrival of the NHL team.

Much of the reaction is the opposite of Arizona fans as many Utah hockey fans are ecstatic about the potential impending arrival of the Coyotes franchise.

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NHL players on Coyotes' potential move to Utah: 'Whole city's been excited'

NHL player Trevor Lewis, the only Utah native currently on an NHL roster, told The Athletic: "I never thought I’d be able to play an NHL game in Salt Lake City. I think that’s a pretty cool thing."

He continued: "I’ve gotten a lot of calls and texts, just how people are excited about a team coming there finally. I think, from the get-go, they’re going to have a lot of support. … I think the city will be very supportive of a team. Once people start going to hockey games, too, it’s only going to grow from there."

Lewis added: "Did I ever think growing up that there would be a team in Salt Lake? No, I didn’t at all. This owner, he seems like a smart guy. He was very adamant about getting a team. I think ever since the talk about it, the whole city’s been excited about it. I think it’ll be cool."

Former NHL player Steve Konowalchuk, the first NHL player from Utah, told The Athletic: "They’re going to have a ton of excitement, especially at first. I think the Avalanche probably help, too, being so close to them the last (28) years since they got there to bring even more NHL exposure. The NHL is very accessible now all the time, anywhere in the country. I think that’ll help. And, obviously, the city’s grown and the way they followed the (minor-league) Golden Eagles all those years and the Grizzlies now, there’s definitely a die-hard group of fans there that are going to be very excited to support the team.

"And then from anywhere, it doesn’t matter what sport, what team. It’s what happens in the next three, four, five years of the product and entertainment that they put on the ice. But I certainly think it’s the right area, right time, for a team to go in there and succeed."

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Arizona Coyotes 'more than welcome' in Utah, Salt Lake City residents say talked to locals about the Coyotes moving to Utah and here are some of their thoughts:

"To be honest, I was surprised mainly because living here for five years now, Utah has never been a big professional sports scene,” one said. "So kind of the inkling of the new MLB team and the new NHL team. It’s just exciting to see.

"The opportunities for people to come in and love winter sports here and then fall in love with hockey is going to be great for them."

Said another: "(The) possibility (of an) NHL team here bringing more business, more people to Salt Lake, I think it’s awesome.

"I think the Coyotes will be more than welcome here."

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'This pleases me!' Utah residents thrilled about Coyotes' potential move to Salt Lake City

The social media reaction to the Coyotes potentially relocating to Utah thrilled residents:

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Arizona Coyotes fans have a much different reaction to the loss of losing their NHL franchise than Utah hockey fans have to gaining it.
Arizona Coyotes fans have a much different reaction to the loss of losing their NHL franchise than Utah hockey fans have to gaining it.

'Everyone will be happy' about Coyotes in Utah

"I’m sure it’s tough for the real fans there (in Arizona)," Lewis told The Athletic. "Players and staff get kind of get uprooted and moved. I think once they realize how good it’s going to be there, I think everyone will be happy."

Everyone except Coyotes fans in Arizona.

The news continues to be really tough for those who have stuck by the franchise in Arizona during all its days of turmoil in the state.

Those days of turmoil only ending because the franchise is relocating makes it even tougher.

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