Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns share hilarious postgame after sweep

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns were a combination of brothers and best friends after the Minnesota Timberwolves finished off a four-game sweep of the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Playoffs.

Edwards had 40 points, nine rebounds and six assists. Towns had 28 points and 10 rebounds. The two sat together for a postgame news conference, and hilarity ensued. Here’s how it went down:

Edwards looking at the box score: "Let’s take a look at this KAT – I was 13-for-23 again, 7-for-13 from 3, you was 4-of-6. It’s official now."

Edwards is asked weirdly about beating the Suns and taking their spirit away: "You confusing the hell out of me, I ain’t going to lie. I’m so confused, I’m just going to keep it simple, this man to my left (pointing to Towns). He’s a mismatch problem with any team that we play. That week of training we was just trying to figure out how to get KAT involved in the game. We did a great job of that."

Towns interrupts: "He’s special (pointing at Ant). The future is so bright for him I’ve got to put my sunglasses on in a way because it’s so bright for him."

Edwards is asked what changed in the second half for him: "I was just ultra-aggressive. In the second half, it’s just time to win at that point so I’ve got to shoot my shots and keep confidence in myself."

Towns is asked about getting his first playoff series win: "I couldn’t be happier, finally getting the win, finally getting the monkey off my back about getting through the first round."

Towns then stops, thinking he’s hearing a fire alarm. It’s a cart on the arena level going backwards.

"Is there a fire? I just want to make sure we’re safe in here?"

Edwards on Drew Eubanks: "Eubanks didn’t play tonight? Who played big for them?

KAT: "That ain’t our job to worry about that."

Edwards on Finch injury: }I was pissed off. It’s not something I even want to talk about, I was pissed off but we had to finish the game, win the game. I was mad as hell."

Towns is asked about his big night, Edwards interrupts:

"Let me just tell you tonight he wasn’t in foul trouble. The first three games, the mother f****r just kept fouling. If you watch the game, every time in the third quarter when we would grow a lead, it’s because he’s in the game. They don’t have a match-up for him. I told him yesterday we’re not going to win Game 4 if you keep fouling."

KAT: "Probably because I was trying to play more defense."

Ant – "Just stop f*****g fouling."

Edwards is asked if he considers himself a young star: "Not yet man, not yet."

KAT responds: "He’s a young star. He’s over here talking s**t like that. He’s the face of the league, I’ve been saying that. He hates when I say it, but it’s true. Future is so bright I’ve got to put the sunglasses on most of the time when I’m walking around with him."

Has KAT sacrificed for the Timberwolves to be good?

Ant: "He had 28 and 10, he ain’t sacrificing. When he’s not in foul trouble, he’s not sacrificing, the mother f****r is going to shoot the ball."