Aaron Murray reveals his dad warned him to stay away from Aaron Hernandez during high school recruiting trip

Aaron Murray signed with Georgia as a five-star quarterback in the class of 2009. Murray, out of Plant High School in Tampa, Florida, chose the Bulldogs over the Gators in April of 2008.

Murray posted a clip from his podcast “SNAPS” on Tuesday detailing a significant experience during his senior year of high school when he went to Gainesville to visit the University of Florida.

Murray and his father arrived in Gainesville, about 90 minutes north of their home in Tampa. Immediately catching Murray’s attention were standout Florida players such as quarterback Tim Tebow and linebacker Brandon Spikes.


And then out walked tight end Aaron Hernandez…

“I remember my dad looking at me,” Murray said, remembering the moment they spotted Hernandez.

“He still reminds me to this day of this, saying ‘I don’t know who that kid really is, but if you commit to Florida I don’t think you should hangout with him.'”

Obviously, Murray’s father’s cautionary statement held some pretty significant weight. Hernandez, a former star tight end for Florida, went on to have a promising career in the NFL with the New England Patriots. That is until he became entangled in criminal activities that included murder.

“It was just the way he (Hernandez) was interacting with coaches and players. Just that kind of look in his eyes. I remember my dad literally looking at me, saying ‘I’m being dead-ass serious here, Aaron. If you commit to Florida, I don’t think you should get anywhere near that kid.

Stay close to Tim, stay far from Aaron.'”

Sometimes parents have that sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out trouble.

Story originally appeared on UGA Wire