49ers have two playoff-clinching scenarios for Week 17

The 49ers got a little help in Week 16 when the Dolphins knocked off the Saints. That loss for New Orleans puts San Francisco in a position to clinch a playoff spot this week with two scenarios.

Their first clinching scenario is very simple. They need to beat Houston, and the Saints need a loss or tie vs. the Carolina Panthers.

Then there’s the more convoluted scenario where the 49ers and Texans tie. In that case San Francisco can clinch with a Vikings loss or tie vs. the Packers, a Saints loss to the Panthers, and a Falcons loss or tie vs. the Bills.

Overall the 49ers can win their next two games and get in regardless of what the teams around them do. It’d be ideal for them though to get it done as soon as possible to take some of the pressure off in Week 18 when they visit the Rams.


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