2024 NFL rule changes: New kickoff rules, hip-drop tackle ban, replay reviews

A massive change to kickoffs, a ban on a dangerous tackling technique and expanded use of instant replay are among the major rule changes the NFL has approved for the 2024 season.

Here is the full list of rules change proposals, bylaws and resolutions that NFL clubs adopted at the NFL Annual Meeting this week:

2024 Approved Playing Rules

1. Coaches make a third replay challenge if either of their first two challenges are successful.

2. The offense can now be assessed a penalty for a major foul on a play where the offense throws an interception or loses a fumble, even if the foul took place before the change of possession and the defense also committed a penalty on the play.

3. Replay can now be used to overturn a ruling that a quarterback was down or out of bounds before throwing a pass.

4. Replay can now be used to determine whether the game clock expired before the ball was snapped.

5. Hip-drop tackles are banned.

6. Kickoff rules have changed to a low-impact kick similar to what was used in the XFL.

2024 Approved Bylaws

1. Teams now have an unlimited number of designated for return transactions in the postseason.

2. The trade deadline has moved to the Tuesday after Week 9 games.

3. Each club may designate a maximum of two players for return when they are placed on injured reserve on the final roster cutdown day.

4. Teams may elevate a bona fide quarterback an unlimited number of times from its practice squad to its active List to be its emergency third quarterback.

2024 Approved Resolutions

1. If an injured player is not traveling to an away game, teams must report the player has been ruled out before their team departs for the road trip.

2. For the 2024 preseason, the league will expand the use of Hawk-Eye video technology in the coaches' booths, in preparation for full implementation for the 2025 season.