2024 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Schedule, matchups and scores for Second Round

The first round of the NBA playoffs lived up to the hype: The Knicks and 76ers beat each other up for six dramatic games, while the Lakers pushed the defending champs and the Nuggets' Jamal Murray pushed back with a couple of game-winning shots.

Now things get serious as we move onto the postseason's second round. Let's look at the second round of the playoffs: The bracket, the schedule, and as they come in we will have the scores updated here as well. Let's break it all down.

When do the NBA Finals begin?

The NBA Finals tip off June 6, with the first game at the home of the team with the better regular-season record (Boston has the best record overall in the league and would have home court against anyone in the Finals).

The remainder of the NBA Finals games are: Game 2 June 9; Game 3 June 12, Game 4 June 14, Game 5 June 17, Game 6 June 20 and Game 7 June 23 (games 5-7 are if necessary).

NBA Eastern Conference, Western Conference playoff bracket

NBA Playoffs Schedule 2024

All times are Eastern (* = if necessary).

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston vs. Orlando/Cleveland

Game 1: CLE/ORL at Celtics, May 7 (7 ET, TNT)
Game 2: CLE/ORL at Celtics, May 9 (7 ET, ESPN)
Game 3: Celtics at CLE/ORL, May 11 (8:30 ET, ABC)
Game 4: Celtics at CLE/ORL, May 13 (7 ET, TNT)
Game 5: CLE/ORL at Celticss, May 1 (TBD, TNT)*
Game 6: Celtics at CLE/ORL, May 3 (TBD, ESPN)*
Game 7: CLE/ORL at Celtics, May 5 (TBD, TBD)*

#2 New York vs. #6 Indiana

Game 1: Pacers at Knicks, May 6 (7:30 ET, TNT)
Game 2: Pacers at Knicks, May 8 (8 ET, TNT)
Game 3: Knicks at Pacers, May 10 (7 ET, TNT)
Game 4: Knicks at Pacers, May 12 (3:30 ET, ABC)
Game 5: Pacers at Knicks, May 14 (TBD, TNT)*
Game 6: Knicks at Pacers; May 17 (TBD, ESPN)*
Game 7: Pacers at Knicks, May 19 (TBD, TBD)*

Western Conference

#1 Oklahoma City vs. #5 Dallas

Game 1: Mavericks at Thunder, May 7 (9:30 ET, TNT)
Game 2: Mavericks at Thunder, May 9 (9:30 ET, ESPN)
Game 3: Thunder at Mavericks, May 11 (3:30 ET, ABC)
Game 4: Thunder at Mavericks, May 13 (9:30 ET, TNT)
Game 5: Mavericks at Thunder, May 15 (TBD, TNT)*
Game 6: Thunder at Mavericks, May 18 (8:30 ET, ESPN)*
Game 7: Mavericks at Thunder, May 20 (8:30 ET, TNT)*

#2 Denver at #3 Minnesota

Game 1: Timberwolves at Nuggets, May 4 (7 ET, TNT)
Game 2: Timberwolves at Nuggets, May 6 (10 ET, TNT)
Game 3: Nuggets at Timberwolves, May 10 (9:30 ET, ESPN)
Game 4: Nuggets at Timberwolves, May 12 (8 ET, TNT)
Game 5: Timberwolves at Nuggets, May 14 (TBD, TNT)*
Game 6: Nuggets at Timberwolves, May 16 (8:30 ET, ESPN)*
Game 7: Timberwolves at Nuggets, May 4 (TBD, TNT)*