118 Utah student-athletes graduate, including 3 NFL players who returned to school. Here’s the full list

Baseball and lacrosse graduates pose for a photo with University of Utah president Taylor Randall at the John R. Park Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.
Baseball and lacrosse graduates pose for a photo with University of Utah president Taylor Randall at the John R. Park Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. | Liv Medivitz

One hundred and eighteen University of Utah student-athletes across all 20 school-sponsored sports are set to graduate this year.

All 8,652 of Utah’s 2023-24 graduates were celebrated on Thursday evening as the university held its annual commencement ceremony at the Jon M. Huntsman Center.

Twenty-seven football players will be awarded their degree, including three NFL players that returned to Utah to finish their education.

Defensive end Bradlee Anae, who played at Utah from 2016-2019 and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, later going on to play for New York Jets, is graduating with a financial planning and counseling degree.

Safety Marquise Blair, who played at Utah in 2017 and 2018, then was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and later played for the Carolina Panthers, is graduating with a human development and family studies degree.

Offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom, who played at Utah from 2008-2011, was drafted by the Oakland Raiders, and played seven years in the NFL, is graduating with a chemical engineering degree.

Seventeen current football players will graduate or have graduated before playing next season — Josh Calvert, Alex Harrison, Jaren Kump, Money Parks, Jack Bouwmeester, Shintaro Mann, Connor O’Toole, Junior Tafuna, Moroni Anae, JT Greep, Van Fillinger, Tevita Fotu, Nick Howe, Junior Tafuna, Tanoa Togiai, Zemaiah Vaughn and Aliki Vimahi.

As of the last NCAA report in December of 2023, the University of Utah has a 94% student-athlete graduation rate.

Here’s the list of 2023-24 Utah student-athlete graduates

Baseball (10)

  • Jayden Kiernan, Parks, Recreation & Tourism BS (Fall graduate)

  • Matthew Sox, Mechanical Engineering BS (Fall graduate)

  • Karson Bodily, Economics BS

  • TJ Clarkson, Finance BS

  • Dakota Duffalo, Finance BS

  • Kai Roberts, Business Administration BS

  • Bryson Van Sickle, Environmental & Sustainable Studies BS

  • Bruer Webster, Sociology BS

  • Ernesto Lugo-Canchola Sociology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Brett Porthan, Communication BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Football (27)

  • Josh Calvert, Sociology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Hayden Furey, Accounting BS (Fall graduate)

  • Alex Harrison, Communication BS (Fall graduate)

  • Ja’Quinden Jackson, Communication BS (Fall graduate)

  • Jaren Kump, Health and Kinesiology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Kenzel Lawler, Psychology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Faybian Marks, Communication BS (Fall graduate)

  • Money Parks, Communication BS (Fall graduate)

  • Jadon Pearson, Criminology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Jack Bouwmeester, Communication BS

  • Shintaro Mann, Communication BA

  • Connor O’Toole, Business Administration BS

  • Jason Siaosi, Sociology BS

  • Junior Tafuna, Economics BS

  • Moroni Anae, Family Communication & Human Development BS

  • JT Greep, Marketing BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Bryson Reeves, Psychology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Van Fillinger (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Tevita Fotu, Sociology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Nick Howe, Accounting (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Junior Tafuna, Economics BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Tanoa Togiai, Financial Planning BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Zemaiah Vaughn, Sociology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Aliki Vimahi, Sociology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Bradlee Anae, Financial Planning & Counseling BS

  • Marquise Blair, Human Development & Family studies BS

  • Tony Bergstrom, Chemical Engineering BCH

Men’s basketball (3)

  • Ben Carlson, Entrepreneurship BS

  • Gabe Madsen, Sociology BS

  • Rollie Worster, Criminology BS

Men’s golf (2)

  • Javier Barcos, Business Administration BS

  • Hunter Howe, Information Systems MS

Men’s lacrosse (11)

  • Jared Andreala, Marketing BS

  • Tyler Bradbury, Finance MS

  • Collin Ervin, Finance BS

  • MJ McMahon, Finance MS

  • Carson Moyer, Entrepreneurship BS

  • Josh Rose, Business Administration BS

  • Koa Todd, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Peter Hagan Business, Administration BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Connor Hollison, Psychology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Jordan Hyde, Psychology BS and Criminology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Justus Peterson, Operations & Supply Chain BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Men’s skiing (4)

  • Tom Mancini, International Studies BS

  • Wilhelm Normannseth, Finance BS

  • Gustav Vøllo, Business Analytics MS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Mikkel Solbakken, Finance MS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Men’s swimming (7)

  • Noah Carlson, Computer Science BCS (Fall graduate)

  • Dylan Becker, Psychology BS

  • Micah Ginoza, History Teaching BA

  • Jaek Horner, Finance BS

  • Marko Kovacic, Information Systems BS

  • Parker McOmber, Biomedical Engineering BIO

  • Nathan Ramey, Biochemistry BS and Chemical Engineering BCH

Men’s tennis (4)

  • Michael Blando, Communication BS

  • Geronimo Espin Busleiman, International Studies BA

  • Jayson Blando, Business Administration BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Bruno Krenn, Psychology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Women’s basketball (3)

  • Kennady McQueen, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Alissa Pili, Sociology BS

  • Dasia Young, Psychology BS

Gymnastics (3)

  • Jaylene Gilstrap, Family Communication & Human Development BS and Communication BS

  • Abby Paulson, Political Science BS and Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Alani Sabado , Marketing BS

Softball (9)

  • Madi Jacobus, Nursing BSN (Fall graduate)

  • Aliya Belarde, Communication BS

  • Chloe Doyle, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Julia Jimenez, Family Communication & Human Development BS

  • Sarah Ladd, Health, Society and Policy BS

  • Mariah Lopez, Psychology BS

  • Sophie Jacquez, Health and Kinesiology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Leilani Melendez, Psychology BS and Criminology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Shelbi Ortiz, Business Administration BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Women’s skiing (5)

  • Madison Hoffman, Finance BS

  • Michelle Kervén, Information Systems BS and Business Administration BS

  • Kaja Norbye, Finance BS

  • Karianne Dengerud, Finance BS

  • Sydney Palmer-Leger, Health and Kinesiology BS

Women’s soccer (7)

  • Courtney Brown, Accounting MAC (Fall graduate)

  • Jade Gosar, Business Analytics MS (Fall graduate)

  • Hailey Povilus, Health and Kinesiology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Megan Quiggle, Communication BS and Criminology & Corrections CRU (Fall graduate)

  • Ragan Vanschalkwyk, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Baylie Jackson, Environmental & Sustain Std BS

  • Taliana Kaufusi, Family Communication & Human Development BS

Beach volleyball (2)

  • Marissa Koch, Psychology BS

  • Camille Lee, Communication BA and International Studies BA

Women’s swimming (8)

  • Lizzy DeCecco, Biology BS (Fall graduate)

  • Reagan Cathcart, Health, Society and Policy BA

  • Cameron Daniell, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Kim Lanaghen, Biology BS

  • Harper Lehman, Communication BS

  • Hannah Truax, Political Science BS

  • Maddie Woznick, Health and Kinesiology BS

  • Kyla Yetter, Psychology BS

Track and field/cross country (12)

  • Caroline Fischer, Health, Society and Policy BS and Social Work BSW

  • Delaney Gates, Marketing BS

  • Morgan Jensen, Social Work BSW

  • Bailey Kealamakia, Data Science BS

  • Chloe Kockler, Civil Engg HCV

  • Ellie Lundgreen, Chemical Engineering BCH

  • Brooke Manson, City & Metro Planning MCP and Urban Ecology BS

  • Malia Overton, Criminology BS and Sociology BS

  • Maddie Reed , Urban Ecology BS

  • Claire Rusovick, Film and Media Arts BA

  • Josefine Eriksen, Family Communication & Human Development BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

  • Ally Gomm, Psychology BS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Women’s tennis (1)

  • Ana Luiza Cruz, Finance MS (Summer 2024 graduate)

Volleyball (1)

  • Emily Smith Biomedical Engineering MS