1 perfect NCAA tournament bracket remains, setting Yahoo Sports 'Tourney Pick'Em' record

After Friday’s NCAA tournament first round there were three perfect brackets remaining out of more than 3 million in Yahoo Sports’ “Tourney Pick’Em” contest.

With Saturday’s games in the books, there remains only one.

Congratulations to “Court Stormers,” the last perfect bracket standing following Auburn’s win over Kansas to advance to the Sweet 16.

‘Court Stormers’ sets ‘Tourney Pick’Em’ record

“Court Stormers” has correctly chosen the outcome of the first 40 games of the NCAA tournament, a remarkable run that breaks the previous Yahoo Sports record of 39 picks without a loss.

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“Dario’s Delinquents” pulled off that feat in 2017.

“Court Stormers” was already in elite company, with this year being only the third that any perfect brackets remained through the NCAA tournament’s first round. One bracket remained perfect through 32 games in 2014, while 36 did so in 2017’s chalk-filled first round.

Auburn's win Saturday ensured that "Court Stormers" would have the final perfect bracket in 2019. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
Auburn's win Saturday ensured that "Court Stormers" would have the final perfect bracket in 2019. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

From 3 to 1

“Court Stormers” opened the day alongside “Zion’s Shoe” and “wilsoc05” as the trio of survivors from the first round.

“wilsoc05” quickly bowed out with Maryland’s loss to LSU. “Court Stormers” and “Zion’s Shoe” correctly chose LSU in the early matchup and had identical brackets up until the final game of the night, Kansas-Auburn.

Both chose all of the games in between correctly, ensuring that one bracket would remain standing. That bracket indeed belonged to “Court Stormers,” who correctly picked the Tigers to advance to the Sweet 16.

A woman who goes by Harper Jakob from Bozeman, Montana, has claimed “Court Stormer” on Twitter.

Can ‘Court Stormers’ remain prefect?

So what does a perfect bracket look like in the long run? “Court Stormers” has picked Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee and North Carolina to make the Final Four, with Tennessee beating Michigan State in the championship game.

What are the odds that “Court Stormers” remains perfect? Not so good.

Daniel Wilco of NCAA.com estimates the odds of filling out a perfect bracket as one in 9.2 quintillion from the beginning of the tournament.

“Court Stomers”’ odds have obviously improved a bit from that long-shot thanks to opening with 40 wins. We haven’t done the math on where those odds currently stand, but they’re most assuredly not good.

But either way, congratulations and good luck to “Court Stormers” moving forward.

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