Social Media Roundup: Rangers/Kings Twitter Beef and More

Maddy Lucier
June 6, 2014

Each week, STACK scours the Instagram accounts of the world's best athletes and teams to bring you their most interesting posts. Scroll down to see Rob Gronkowski on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", CJ McCollum at the Acropolis, Chris Paul's special birthday card, and the NBA's and NHL's last teams standing duke it out. 

13. Nerlens Noel

Caption: “As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” – Ben Hogan

12. Jenny Finch
Caption: It felt SO good to get back on my Ruby, my road bike this am! A fun 20 mile ride trying to hang w/ the gals! #IAmSpecialized

11. Reggie Bush
Caption:  Getting a little practice in for this weekend's softball game! Haven't picked up the bat since freshmen year in high school! #LikeRidingABike #Athlete #DetroitTigersImReady

10. Chris Paul
Caption: This is easily one of the best Bday gifts I've ever received in my 29yrs on this Earth!!! #KellyKapowski #My1stLove #WeWereTogether #SheJustDidntKnowIt #CuzImSavedByTheBell

9. Yasiel Puig
Caption: #VivaLosDodgers tomorrow 3:30pm. Pics with me to buy baseball equipment for Boyle Heights kids.

8. Xavier Rhodes
Caption: Had a great time with the fellas today. Love giving back to the community.#PlaygroundBuild#VikingsMoves#GreatMoments

7. Rob Gronkowski

6. C.J. McCollum
Caption: Caught my Bruh in a kodak moment. Hell of a season, keep grindin my G ! Proud of your accomplishments but more impressed with your approach to life. Sky's the limit, they always tell us we can't and we always show em we can

5. John Henson
Caption: #WCW #FeedingBae

4. JaVale McGee
Caption: #ROADTORECOVERY #JUGLIFE @juglifewater @steve13hess

3. Tyson Chandler
Caption: So I'm having a nice breakfast with @kimberlyjchandler staring out at the ocean & I look over my shoulder & the Homie Leroy decided to fly in & Jack my Waffles! #ThesePelicansAintLoyal #GotEm

2. San Antonio Spurs

And the retort (probably fake, but still):

1. L.A. Kings vs. N.Y. Rangers


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