Dan Wetzel's Week 13 college football podcast

Dan Wetzel
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Thanksgiving week brings a return of old friends to the Dan Wetzel College Football Podcast. First is Fake Dan Beebe, the Twitter account that is not run by the former commissioner of the Big 12 conference.

As with his previous appearances, the people behind the Fake Dan Beebe account had to protect their identity for professional reasons. So we brought back reporter Veronica Morningstone for a cartoon interview. You can view it here

Fake Dan Beebe discusses his mustache, breaks down each of the main BCS title game contenders and fills us in on some of his future business plans.

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Chris Vernon of Verno Radio (730 AM Memphis) also makes a return appearance. Vernon is obsessed with the debate over whether LSU fans actually smell like corndogs. The BCS debate is also hashed out (Rematch? Boring?) as well as Arkansas' chances.

The scale of hate is considered over two games: Texas-Texas A&M and Alabama-Auburn. One has people so mad they switched conferences. The other caused trees to be poisoned. This is vitriol, which is worse.

Urban Meyer is headed to Ohio State. Will he transform the Big Ten?

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Hawaii has been investigated for point shaving, a surprise to no one (cough, cough) who lost money earlier this season when they somehow lost 40-20 to a horrible UNLV team (that was annihilated the following week by Southern Utah).

In an effort to downplay illegal gambling, three games are broken down featuring the point spread. Penn State at Wisconsin (-14), Virginia Tech at Virginia (+ 5.5) and Arkansas at LSU (-12).

Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful football weekend.