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Bruce Willis is in New Orleans filming a movie called "Red," which is probably about Delonte West's(notes) hair. To unwind from the stresses of acting, he took in a little Hornets vs. Lakers action at New Orleans Arena. Thinking he'd scored an excellent sideline interview, Victor Howell talked to the "Die Hard" actor during the third quarter and it was super weird.

Ummm, what's going on, Bruce Willis? You're kind of talking about basketball, but not really.

I'm not one to speculate about Bruce Willis' mental state since he could probably dismantle me with one arm while the other shaves his head, but doesn't this interview look like the beginning of an episode of "House?" Like it was filmed immediately before the soon-to-be patient starts having some sort of medical catastrophe and has to be taken to the hospital? Yes, it totally does.

Then again, when he gets super serious and says "I think 18,000 on our side helps a great deal," you can't resist wanting to help him save the world somehow. I would totally drill into an asteroid with that guy.

(Big ups to Outside the NBA for unearthing this gem.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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