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It doesn't just stop with season-weary players and coaches. Announcers are ready for the All-Star break as well. Some could barely make it out of the last half-week of the season before sneaking in a long-deserved snooze.

Like former Philadelphia 76ers point guard, and current 76ers analyst Eric Snow(notes).

A good minute into the video (we skipped it ahead for you), you can hear Sixers play-by-play man Marc Zumoff ask the silent Snow (cool band name, kids) if he's "meditating."

Snow's sterling reply?

"I thought I was trying to stay awoke."


Snow tries to play it off as if ... well, we're not sure how he tried to play it off. It started, we think, as a typical ha-ha joke about being annoyed by his partner, before he tried to compare it to an NBA huddle or game situation, before Zumoff and the action thankfully returned.

Enjoy the break, Eric. In your defense, I've fallen asleep to your games (both as a player, in-studio talking head, and analyst) as well. It's a long season.

(HT: FanHouse, via Deadspin)

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Ball Don't Lie

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