Ball Don't Lie - NBA

It's all in an early evening's work for Shaquille O'Neal(notes). You go on "Conan" to ostensibly promote your new gig on TNT's "Inside the NBA," you wear a ruddy Conan-type wig, you mention the time(s) that you've shown up at the White House unannounced expecting to get in (only to be denied access), you discuss an apparently un-televised "Punk'd" war with Ashton Kutcher (nearly killing Andy Richter in the process), rip on Skip Bayless, and then you top off your visit by nearly busting your tailbone attempting to get into a miniature plastic pink Jeep.

No, this wasn't a fever dream. From

Extra points for pulling it all off while sporting the Don Draper suit, Shaq. And for your continued, um, patriotism?

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Ball Don't Lie

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